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Kızılağaç transfer

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Kızılağaç transfer

Kızılağaç, which is connected to the Manavgat district of Antalya, is one of the important tourism centers, although its history goes back a long time. In addition to being the source of livelihood of the region, agriculture and animal husbandry, it has started to take a large share in tourism as it is an increasingly popular place. One of the features that provides this is that it is 15 kilometers away from Manavgat. Its proximity to a district, which is the pearl of Antalya, such as Manavgat, has added fame to Kızılağaç. It is 15 kilometers from Kızılağaç Manavgat and 80 kilometers from Antalya Airport. You also have the opportunity to spend a day of your holiday in the center of Antalya. It is 80 kilometers between Kızılağaç and Antalya. By choosing us to reach the Kızılağac region, you prefer a very fast reliable way and complete your journey with comfort. In addition, there are tennis courts in many hotels in Kızılagac region and tennis tournaments are held in these hotels. The most popular of these Kızılağaç hotels is the starlight hotel. Many tennis players come to the hotel and we serve as cool vip transfers to many tennis players.


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